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Our Vision:

CelebrationTV was established to take the gospel into the homes, schools, offices and businesses of millions across the nations.

For far too long the media has been used as a tool to promote the agenda of the enemy and turn the hearts of men away from the path of salvation; it is up to God’s children to take a stand and use this powerful tool called ‘MEDIA’ for the gospel and expansion of the Kingdom.

Our vision is simple: “To use the electronic media to make Jesus Christ more know and exercise the power in His name to restore destinies in every nook and cranny of the globe that this platform can reach.”

As God said to Abraham: “As far as your eyes can see…will I give to you for a possession…”, we see this vision passionately spreading beyond Africa, to the far reaches of the earth, as far as technology can reach. And without doubt, with consistent and strategic planning, our unending zeal to run with this vision and the support and prayers of great partners like you, we will achieve our goal!

Whether you wish to advertise, air your program or simply support this vision, we assure you that your resources will be maximized to the utmost value to produce excellent results.



For more information and enquiries about CelebrationTV, please you are welcome to contact us:


+27 11 0700 700

+234 806 023 9715

+27 782 232 438

+27 723 352 152


General Enquiries:

Admin Office:



Corporate Offices:


CNR. June and Paris Avenue, Bordeaux,

(Opposite Jan Smut Avenue and Bram Fisher Bridge, and opposite the Randburg Taxi Rank),

Randburg 2194 – Johannesburg, South Africa.



Kilometer 132 Benin—Okene/Abuja Expressway,

P.O.Box 618, Auchi – Edo State.

Nigeria – West Africa.


Sales and Advertising

CelebrationTV reaches millions daily across nations, making it the premium choice to advertise and/ or air your programs. We promise to ensure that nothing less than excellent service is rendered and you get plus value for your money!

If you want to advertise with us on air or online via the website or you would like to secure a slot of our airtime:


Call: +27 110 700 700, +27 110 400 400 or +234 806 023 9715


Send an e-mail to: